Abbey School

The preferred system of education for children throughout Eklean. Those deemed capable are sent to higher studies, preferably at Gwilnor Academy.


Native language of the elves. Largely forgotten, only used in academic circles.


An elemental erendinth. The essence of air.


One of the seven Schools of Septyl. Albiens focus on truth and care for many of Eklean’s libraries. Motto: Truth is discoverable. Emblem: A naked male and female elf holding unraveled scrolls with an owl perched behind, cast in gold on a white field. The chair of Albien is known as the Seeker.


Western Skyland of the Aldinari, one of the four elven kindreds. Lost to the Darkness. Only a hundred Aldinari escaped the Skyland with their lives.


A legendary beast native to the Skyland of Aldinare. A winged unicorn.


Spiritual creatures that predate Teraeniel and Somnaeniel. Their native home is Lumaeniel. There are four known classifications of anadel: irythil, enthiel, lorendil, and naril.


Creatures of both body and spirit.


The Creating Light.


A transcendental erendinth. The essence of spirit.


An elemental erendinth. The essence of water.


One of the seven Schools of Septyl. Arantiulyns focus on strength and protection and oversee the Knights of Septyl. Motto: With fortitude, we will protect. Emblem: A naked male and female elf in a fighting stance with swords in hand with a lion prowling cast in gold on an orange field. The Chair of Arantiulyn is known as the General.


Part of the Ei’ceuril hierarchy, they are elevated wise ones. Before kien wielders were restricted to the Temple of Ceur, archstewards lived in every major city of Eklean tending to those faithful to Anaweh, the Creating Light.


The united head of an elven house composed of a king and queen or lord and lady.


One of the seven Schools of Septyl. Auburnises focus on inner peace. Motto: To love is our gift. Emblem: A naked male and female elf offering a garland with larks flying above, cast in gold on a brown field. The Chair of Auburnis is known as the Pilgrim.


Feast day of the Luminari, commemorating Auriel and the dawning sun. Celebrated on the 15th of Aurenth, the spring equinox.


One of the seven Schools of Septyl. Azurelles focus on the advancement and training of the erendinth. Motto: The zealous soul must be temperate. Emblem: A naked male and female elf wielding the powers with a dragon behind, cast in gold on a blue field. The Chair of Azurelle is known as the Blue Dragon.

Belin’s Watch

An Evellion city in the Vespien Mountains comprised of humans and dwarves. Named for Belin, the dwarf who sheltered Thellion refugees in their greatest hour of need.


Feast day of the Eldinari, commemorating Boriel and the sleeping sun. Celebrated on the 15th of Borenth, the winter solstice.

Bowl of Theniel

Sea set apart by the merpeople as sacred. The place where Theniel brought the waters to Teraeniel.


Anacordel dedicated to protecting the forests of Eklean, particularly the Illumined Wood. The upper body is like an elf’s but broader and more rugged while the lower body looks much like a four-legged horse. 


The Jewel of Life. Created by the Luminari by placing their life essence within seven jewels of incredible brilliance which allowed them to share their immortality with every race in 1.3a (7085.3E). Also known as the Light Diamond, the Lieben Stone, and the Heart of Hearts.

Ceurendol War, the

A cataclysmic war instigated by the Erynien Empire which began over a philosophical difference over the Jewel of Life and whether immortal life was proper for the ‘lesser races.’ The war divided Eklean in two factions, those faithful to the Luminari and those subjugated by the Erynien Empire. As the fate of the war grew clear, emissaries and merchants from other continents withdrew from Eklean, fearing the Erynien Empire. 322-500.3a (7407-7585.3E).


City founded by the ei’ceuril. Home of the Temple of Ceur and Gwilnor Academy. The only city not to fall into Erynor’s control when Krysenthiel was lost to the Shroud.


Leader of the ei’ceuril, known as High Archsteward and Arbiter of the Light.


The head of Gwilnor Academy under the authority of and appointed by the Seven Chairs.


When capitalized, refers to the proto-race.


A small village in eastern Parendior and in disputed territory claimed by both Lucillia and Perrien. The vineyards of Cor’lera produce the coveted ice wine, the Cor’leran Blue.


One of the seven Schools of Septyl. Crimsyns focus on healing and run many hospitals and infirmaries throughout Eklean. Motto: Through healing, hope is given. Emblem: A naked male and female elf dancing with a dog, cast in gold on a red field. The chair of Crimsyn is known as the Physician.


Southern Skyland of the Cyndinari, one of the four elven kindreds. Lost to the Darkness.


Continent south of Ogren and west of Ja’Horan. Tropical continent.


The Cyndinari directly responsible for the Shroud. They are neither living nor dead. Also known as the Deathless.


Legendary creatures bound to the erendinth. 

Druids of Kweil Aitch, the

Secluded faction of humans who learned to walk Somnaeniel, the World-in-Between, early on.


Anacordel who sought the deep roots of the mountains.


An organized group of wielders. Since the Balance was lost during the Ceurendol War, there are only kiara wielders among the ei’ana. There has not been a kien wielder among the ei’ana for over a thousand years.

Ei’ana Counsels

A series of norms ei’ana are to follow in regards to wielding. The counsels prohibit men from becoming ei’ana due to their inability to wield safely after the Balance was lost. The counsels also require ei’ana to bring kien wielders to the Temple of Ceur for their own protection and the protection of their communities.


A religious order, currently a majority of men, focused on serving Anaweh, the Creating Light. Because a kien wielder is not capable of wielding with control, every male ei’ceuril capable of wielding is confined to the Temple of Ceur.


Continent where the anacordel first stirred as Children.

Eldin Wood, the

Home of the Eldinari.


Northern Skyland of the Eldinari, one of the four elven kindreds. Lost to the Darkness. The Eldinari were the first to evacuate their Skyland for the lands below. 

Elemental Erendinth, the

Forces wielded to influence the elements. See Erendinth.


Anacordel who changed little when the different races were created. Because they wished to retain their original form, their immortality remained, and they were gifted the Skylands. There are four elven kindreds, the Luminari, Cyndinari, Aldinari, and Eldinari.


Powerful wielders born of any race who learn to wield instinctively and are not limited to the restrictions common to normal kien and kiara wielders.


One of the seven Schools of Septyl. Emradiels focus on beauty and life. Motto: Only the prudent thrive. Emblem: A naked male and female elf gesturing with open palms toward the beauty around them with a stag behind, cast in gold on a green field. The chair of Emradiel is known as the Tender.


Anadel dedicated to one of the seven irythil. The enthiel are very involved with the anacordel. A single enthiel guides an entire people.

Erendinth, the

The erendinth are the wielded powers believed to have created Teraeniel. Tradition says that there are seven powers, three transcendental: lumenys, animys, and umbrys; and four elemental: aquaeys, aerys, terys, and ignys. Much is forgotten or unknown about the full extent of the erendinth which are dependent on inner spiritual and emotional workings.

Erendinth Games, the

A game of wielding created at Gwilnor Academy, involving the wielding of all seven erendinth.


Short nocturnal anacordel with the hind legs of a goat from the navel down. Some fauns have horns.


Anacordel that were drawn to the frozen north. During the Great Blessing, their physical features became capable of withstanding the harsh tundra of Glacien.


Northern frozen continent spanning the northern pole. Connects Eklean and Ogren.


Anacordel native to the Kinzdol Islands. Known for their monetary shrewdness.

Goblin Guild

Infamous bank and guild of Eklean. Regulates the majority of Eklean’s currency. The Goblin Guild is based in the Kinzdol Islands with branches in every city and most villages.

Great Blessing, the

Event recorded in the Theseryn where Anaweh blessed the growing differences among the anacordel and solidified their choices by making each their own distinct race.

Guardian Knights

Order of knights once based in Krysenthiel that served and protected all the land from injustice. The Guardian Knights were largely composed of Luminari and were defeated during the Ceurendol War.

Guardian Senate, the

An international body, crossing countries and continents to ensure the wellbeing of Teraeniel. Disbanded toward the end of the Ceurendol War.

Gwilnor Academy

The foremost school dedicated to the education of wielders, located in Ceurenyl.

Holy Tomes

Volumes recorded by various ei’ceuril, some being prophets, and from which the ei’ceuril base their beliefs and practices.


Anacordel that differ among themselves more than any other race. They traveled the furthest from the Valley of Saeryndol, migrating across the entirety of Teraeniel.


An elemental erendinth. The essence of fire.

Illumined Wood, the

A vast forest with mysterious qualities and inhabitants.


The seven anadel who, under Anaweh’s guidance, introduced the erendinth, thereby creating Teraeniel.


Continent south of Eklean. Inhabited largely by nomadic peoples.

Jahro Islands

Island chain in the Unarian Sea. Believed to be the home of pirates.


Head of the time wardens and possessor of the time key.

Kiara Wielder

A female wielder. Kiara wielders learn to control the erendinth easily but require a kien wielder to reach their potential strength. Because the Balance was lost, kiara wielders are not able to reach their potential strength.

Kien Wielder

A male wielder. Kien wielders reach their potential strength easily but require a kiara wielder to learn control of the erendinth. Because the Balance was lost, kien wielders are not able to wield safely, and if any male begins to show an aptitude to wield, he is sent to the Temple of Ceur where wielding is impossible.

Kinzdol Islands

An archipelago in southern Eklean, homeland to the goblins and Cyndinari.

Kweil Aitch

Island east of the Illumined Wood. The place where the veil is thin between Teraeniel and Somnaeniel.


Anadel that guard and protect individual anacordel. Some anacordel are known to communicate with their lorendil.

Lucillian Alliance, the

An alliance of the Eklean kingdoms established to return peace and order to Eklean following Emperor Erynor’s disappearance.


The World-Beyond. Dwelling of Anaweh, the anadel, and those anacordel who have passed beyond.


A transcendental erendinth. The essence of light.


Eastern Skyland of the Luminari, one of the four elven kindreds. Lost to the Darkness. The Luminari evacuated their Skyland for the lands below where they established Krysenthiel.

Masters, the (Seven Masters, the)

Vigyl Vyoletryn, Cyrelle Azurelle, Lanielle Emradiel, Lyon Arantiulyn, Mainor Auburnis, Caelyn Crimsyn, and Saeyrn Albien are the founders of the Seven Schools of Septyl and Gwilnor Academy.

Meridean Conclave

Governing council of the merpeople.


Feast day of the Cyndinari, commemorating Meridiel and the noon sun. Celebrated on the 15th of Meridenth, the summer solstice.


Anacordel who longed for the depths of Teraeniel’s oceans.


Anacordel who longed to nurture Teraeniel’s forests. Miervae are also referred to as Great Trees and begin their life as Settlings.


The least of Eklean’s races. A short half-bred creature of goblin and human origins. Before the elves migrated to Eklean, they were enslaved, sold by goblins to humans.


Anadel reminiscent of the seven erendinth. There are seven types of narils and they are commonly known as nymphs.


See Naril.


Non-wielders who have dedicated themselves to one of the Seven Schools of Septyl.


Brutish anacordel covering the vast majority of Ogren. Half-bred creature of giant and human origins.


Continent east of Eklean and west of Qien. Mountainous land with a mixture of forests and deserts. Inhabited by giants, humans, and ogres.


Those bound with a phoenix. 

Purged Desert of Dwonia, the

A vast wasteland in western Eklean that was rumored to have at one point been fertile. Home of the Twelve Tribes of Dwonia.


The final stage of formation of an ei’ceuril toward becoming a steward. Often occurring in the Illumined Wood.


Language of the dwarves.


(1) A dwarven people. (2) The dwellings of the dwarves.


The eight dwarven Schtams.


A portal created to traverse space and time. Traversing time is restricted and only the keeper can use the time key to traverse time.


(1) The Order of Ei’ana composing the Seven Schools of Septyl. (2) The city of the ei’ana in Krysenthiel and now lost in the Shroud.

Septyl Knights

Order of knights dedicated to Septyl. The knights receive their training at Gwilnor Academy and vow to serve one of the Seven Schools of Septyl.

Servants of Shadow

Secret organization carrying out the orders of shadow elves and, in some instances, the orders of the Deurghol.


Tree-like creatures that wander about in their youth until finding an appropriate place to settle their roots and grow into a Miervae, also known as a Great Tree. Settlings have unique vitality qualities.

Seven Chairs of Septyl, the

The leaders of the Ei’ana. Each of the Seven Schools elects its own chair who leads his or her particular School and participates in the leadership of Septyl. Responsible for admitting student wielders into Gwilnor Academy and selecting a chancellor.

Seven Schools of Septyl, the

The order of Ei’ana, compoed of Albien, Arantiulyn, Auburnis, Azurelle, Crimsyn, Emradiel, and Vyoletryn Schools.

Shadow Elves

Cyndinari who consume the spirit of others to prolong their own life.

Shroud, the

A diseased-looking fog placed by the Cyndinari over the entirety of Krysenthiel. It severed the Luminari from the Jewel of Life, cutting them off from their life essence and making them mortal, as well as any others who had benefited from it. An unanticipated result was that the Cyndinari also lost their immortality with that placement of the Shroud over the Jewel of Life. The Shroud’s mysterious origin is one reason no one has been able to remove it.

Skylands, the

Four island countries, Luminare, Aldinare, Cyndinare and Eldinare, floating in the clouds thousands of feet above the ground. The dwelling places of the elves before they were forced to evacuate to the land below.


The exiled of Dwonia who sought reentrance after forming an allegiance with the Erynien Empire.


The World-in-Between. A realm visited by dreamers. Gateway between Lumaeniel and Teraeniel.


A clerical class of ei’ceuril with the ability to wield.

Temple of Ceur, the

Home to the ei’ceuril and pilgrimage site for the faithful. It is impossible to wield within the temple walls. All kien wielders are confined to the Temple of Ceur.

Temple Knights

Order of knights dedicated to protecting the Temple of Ceur and the city of Ceurenyl. Some of the temple knights are men who were brought to the temple when it was discovered that they could wield. These temple knights are prohibited from leaving the temple.


A corrupted form of the erendinth, unrecognized by the Ei’ana of Septyl as one of the erendinth and absolutely forbidden to wield. The essence of Darkness.


The World-Below.


An elemental erendinth. The essence of stone.


Holy tome recording the creation of Teraeniel and the anacordel, written by the first Ceurtriarch of the Ei’ceuril. The Theseryn states that seven irythil, under Anaweh’s guidance, introduced the erendinth thereby creating Teraeniel.

Time Key

An artifact created by the Luminari to restrict the ability to traverse space and time. It was entrusted to the minums, the least of Eklean’s races.

Time Wardens

A select group of minums entrusted by the Luminari with the ability to create seguians, allowing them to travel to any place and any time.

Transcendental Erendinth, the

Wielded forces to influence the ethereal realities of lumenys, animys, and umbrys. The ability to wield the transcendental erendinth is forgotten.

Tree Spirits

Narils who agreed to bond with the trees under Sariel’s guidance.


A transcendental erendinth. The essence of shadow.

Valley of Saeryndol

Birthplace of the Children, the first anacordel.


A crystalline tree within Mount Verinien which brought life to the world and is connected to Anaweh. Also known as the Tree of Life.


Sprouts of Verakryl, the Tree of Life.


Weapons of power.


Feast day of the Aldinari, commemorating Vespiel and the setting sun. Celebrated on the 15th of Vespenth, the autumn equinox.


One of the seven Schools of Septyl. Vyoletryns focus on justice and diplomacy. Motto: With justice, peace. Emblem: A naked male and female elf holding a staff with an eagle soaring above, cast in gold on a violet field. The chair of Vyoletryn is known as the Watcher.


Anacordel capable of wielding the erendinth.

Wise Ones

(1) Part of the Ei’ceuril hierarchy. There is no certainty how many are among the ei’ceuril. (2) Part of the Ei’ana hierarchy. There are seven wise ones for every School of Septyl.

Yanilean, the

The undisputed monarch of Yanil, always male. Used both as the monarch’s title and as his name during his reign.

Days of the Week

(Based on the seven anadel involved in the creation of Teraeniel)



(Based on the anadel attached to the elves)

Spring – Marenth, Aurenth, Delenth

Summer – Dynenth, Meridenth, Reventh

Autumn – Kyrenth, Vespenth, Orenth

Winter – Estlenth, Borenth, Lierenth


Goblin Guild currency – 16 iron angots for a copper lewt. 9 copper lewts for a silver jent. 13 silver jents for a gold crown. 3 golden crowns for a lumol.

Luminari currency – 8 kenols for a narol. 4 narols for a lumol.