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Architecture and World Building - Cecil Con Workshop

  • Cecil College - Workshop Room B: Studio Room 220 One Seahawk Drive North East, MD 21901 (map)

The Fantasy genre is a rich and symbolic genre that has endless avenues to express a story. One of those avenues is the very physical world the story takes place in. This workshop will focus on implementing architecture, maps, urban planning, and history into a novel or series.

Drawing a simple map and giving names to places is never enough. Those places need to be there. How are they involved in the world you’ve created? Better yet, should they belong? Every castle/city/kingdom deserves a personality of its own. Writing that a castle has crenelations and stone battalions is no different than any other castle. What makes that castle in that city unique? Join Ryan as he shares his joint passions: Writing and Architecture.

Earlier Event: April 13
Cecil Con
Later Event: May 24