Author Bio

Ryan D Gebhart first started writing the Jewel of Life series in 2012 in Philadelphia, PA, shortly after concluding his undergraduate studies in philosophy. This unexpected passion evolved over the years and has remained a constant companion through his career changes, from a Capuchin Friar, to a Claims Processor, and finally in his current endeavor as an Architectural Graduate Student in Washington, DC. Ryan D Gebhart is originally from Wilmington, DE.


Yellow Notepads

Before Ryan D Gebhart typed a single page of Splendor of Dawn, the world of The Jewel of Life started in a small notebook and overflowed onto countless pages of yellow note pads. Ryan D Gebhart’s favorite days begin by waking up unexpectedly early, quickly followed by coffee, and hours spent expanding the story and world on the same yellow note pad paper. Idea days are only considered a success if the yellow paper drapes every surface.


Writing Process

While much of the story is written on the computer now, Ryan D Gebhart often carries his sketchbook for the rare occasion when inspiration strikes.


Cover Art

When Ryan D Gebhart began to work with Fiona Jayde Media for the cover of Splendor of Dawn, he devised several sketches to start the conversation of the artworks direction.