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5 out of 5 stars Magic and Adventure!

“One part Tolkien, one part Harry Potter, one part Avatar the Last Air Bender and 2 parts completely new world, Gebhart has created a wonderful story of adventure, magic, and discovery. Sprawling lands and a rich, deep-rooted magic fills the pages of Splendor of Dawn as this high fantasy world comes alive. Devlyn never knew his family or his origins until he meets the mysterious and regal Velaria. Under her guidance, Devlyn starts on a journey to better understand his place in the world and to learn just how important he is in it.”

Judge from the 6th annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published eBook Awards

"In Splendor of Dawn (The Jewel of Life: Part One), a fantasy novel written by Ryan D Gebhart, we are presented with a world rich with magic and mystery, one that we uncover as we look at it through Devlyn’s eyes as mystical truths unfold. The title for the novel seems to this reader to be stunning and captivating, providing the reader with a suggestive entry point to the work that establishes keen alignment with the genre and sets the reader up with strong expectations. The characters here are fully realized, vivid and alive, directing the action with trackable motivation which the reader can believe. And, the hallmark of well drawn characters, they often do surprising things making them very human, which can be rare. The dialogue here is particularly solid, sounding realistic and still readable, aiding the characterization and adding layers of nuance to the proceedings. An ear for dialogue is a wonderful thing in a writer and, throughout, scenes come alive and motivation seems earned as a result of believable dialogue. The overall design of the book is professional. It features an interior layout that is crisp and clean with text design on each page that is readable and presented soundly. It may seem minor, but getting the interior in order is an important step in getting the reader hooked and able to enter into the flow of the work! Also, the cover image for the book is sweeping and pleasing, a nice blend of imagery and color."

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5 out of 5 stars Stoked for the Sequel

“This book is a great introduction to the world, characters, and myths that left me eager for the next one.”